Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz "Made to Measure Vol. 8 / Desert Equations: Azax Attra" (Crammed Discs, Belgium, 1986) NM/NM

"When it first appeared in 1986, the Desert Equations: Azax Attra album was greeted with enthusiasm, awe and disbelief: nobody had done anything quite like that before, and this dizzying, inspired blend of Persian tradition, New York avant-garde and electronic music remains incomparable, powerful and mesmerising to this day.
Combining the sublime voice of Iranian vocalist Deyhim and the electronic wizardry of US composer Horowitz, Desert Equations wonderfully blends the duo’s multiple sources, including their experiences at the epicentre of New York’s early ‘80s avantgarde music and theatre scene, Sussan Deyhim’s intimate knowledge of traditional Persian music and its reverberation in modern Iranian arts, and Richard Horowitz’s background in jazz (he spent time with Paris-based US freejazz expats in the ‘70s, and played with Braxton, Steve Lacy and Alan Silva), electronics and the folk music of Morocco (where he lived for a while).
Made to measure for the music dance performance "Azax Attra", premiered 1985 at Carnegie Hall. It has also been performed at La Mama, New York, The Vienna New Music Festival and New Music America."

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