There is a lot that goes into pricing a vinyl record.
The value of a record is mainly determined by its rarity.
Just like any other collector’s item.

Matrix - Stamper

The vinyl record serial number is your best tool in determining a value of a vinyl record. This serial number is also called a Matrix and/or Stamper number.
The serial number is what differentiates one pressing from another.

1st Press - Rarity

You can think of a pressing as a session.
All the records that were made during a session get the same serial number.
Depending on how popular the album is, how much money is invested into the artist and/or how many records are ordered, these sessions may happen many times over.
As a matter of good business, it’s a good idea practice to not press/print a million copies before you’ve sold any. Therefore, the first pressings almost always produce a small number of copies and hence, are most expensive.
The differences between pressings can be difficult to tell if the serial number is ambiguous. Two records that look exactly the same, may have been pressed at different times by different people and may be valued at wildly different prices.
The difference between 20€ and 20.000€ could be a single letter or missing number, so it’s important to have an attention to detail. Investigation into pressings is a lot of fun.

Mint - Near Mint - Very Good - Good - Poor

The condition of your vinyl record will affect the resale value of the record.
Generally, the condition for collectors’ items such as vinyl records are: Mint (M), Near Mint (NM), Very Good (VG), Good (G) and Poor (P). Read more about records grading.

40's - 50's - 60's - 70's - 80's

The era in which a vinyl record was pressed will affect the resale value of the record. Generally, the older a record is, the more valuable it is. Many records from the 80’s aren’t worth very much for example. Often 10€ and under. But records from the 70’s have some intrinsic vintage value. The 60’s, even more so. And so on, and so forth.
There are exceptions to this rule...


The price of entire collections is often a whole other story.
The age and condition are still factors, however, the actual story of the collection becomes worth something itself.

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