Alain Kan - Heureusement qu'en France, on ne se drogue pas - Disques Motors FR 1976 1st press NM/VG+

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To analyze this record in a few words is not an easy task. Just know that if you suffer from a fragile psychological state or from certain unmentionable deviances, you'd better avoid listening to it because you'll probably find yourself facing a mirror. Everything is summarized in "Ma solitude" and "Les blouses blanches", two creepy tracks where Kan gets to an extreme degree of madness on a stripped free-rock background. Not everything smells gloomy in this genius proto-punk pamphlet, but keep in mind that it will never do the trick during a family dinner. This gutter Rimbaud sends a lot of so-called punk idols back to kindergartencan and can make the French proud. This is an hard to find must have!!!

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