Andrew Chalk/Tom James Scott - Wild Flowers - Skire UK 2015 1st press M/M

An underground figure, the prolific Andrew Chalk began his work under the pseudonym Ferial Confine in the mid-1980s, alongside such drone/indus greats as The New Blockaders, a major influence on Merzbow. In the twentieth century, Chalk's music became more affordable and streamlined, turning into ambient music that owed more to the genre's pioneers: Eno, Budd and co. This cassette was produced with another avant-garde troublemaker, the British Tom James Scott, and is limited to 100 copies, housed in a card slip-case outer packaging in resealable protection sleeve. The music here is an elegant and minimalist landscape, very cinematic and fascinating. Originally released in LP in 2013, this is the first cassette issue. Must hear!

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