Arsene Souffriau - Musique Initiatique du 4e et 18e degré - Chapitre libre et souverain des amis philanthropes en la vallée de Bruxelles BE 1975 1st press NM/VG+

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This mysterious and fascinating music is the image of the Belgian Masonic lodge to which this work refers and which intends reconnecting with the ancient rituals and the sources of the Age of Enlightenment, as mentioned in the liner notes. The work who is developed here illustrates the different initiations conferring the various degrees in Masonic hierachy, ranging from knight to master. Himself a Freemason, Arsène Souffriau uses classical heritage as much as serial or electronic music. The whole thing offers moving music, inspiring as a movie soundtrack, operative and that is more philosophical than religious. Did you say curiosity?

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