Codona - Codona 2 - ECM DE 1981 1st press NM/NM


Codona is consisting of sitarist COllin Walcott, trumpet DOn Cherry and brazilian percussionist NAna Vasconcelos. The trio's aim is to return to the origins of the world and invents what could have been a Pangaean musical tradition without the drift of the continents. The list of instruments and their origins is breathtaking: sitar, tabla, bells and dulcimer from the East and Middle East; sanza, kalimba, n'goni and tama from sub-Saharan Africa; berimbau and a whole range of Brazilian percussion instruments, including the famous cuíca; timpani, trumpet, flute, organ and melodica more typical of Western music; not to mention the vocal parts, which borrow as much from scat as from Tibetan sacred chants or African polyphony. This global sound system is a completely permeable macrocosm and the best definition of "métissage".

In successive waves, each soloist deconstructs his movement, integrating own myths and folklore, only to fade into the background and reappear, establishing a dialogue and producing a single, global echo. The music is often haunting, contemplative, always progressive and soothing.

This is the second of their three albums. Still in shrink. 

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