Den Sorte Skole - III - Self-released DK 2013 1st press NM/NM

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A mysterious black cover with three LPs and above all a copious 40-pages booklet explaining Den Sorte Skole's artistic approach: The two Danish look for and paste samples of all styles, origins and eras to make original and coherent tracks. The first track of the album "Riforme" gathers the Italians Piero Umiliani and Egisto Macchi, the French Igor Wakhevitch and Brigitte Fontaine, the Brazilian Ney Matogrosso, the Germans of Popol Vuh and other Japanese, Ghanaian or Polish curiosities. The choice of the samples is always judicious, their variety hallucinating and the coherence which reigns in each of the 25 tracks is staggering. This is the first limited self-released press of this unknown masterpiece.

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