Essai sonore sur l'érotisme - self-released FR ???? 1st press NM/NM

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A real UFO, an exciting field recording opus with sexual rales, and mysterious percussions. Numbered #2561. 10". 

Liner notes (in French) says: "The two sides of this record underline the evocative power of Sound which can "define" the detail, until it becomes the essential or remain imprecise until it finds in its vibrations only our own thoughts. A Samba takes us through the streets of the city, it is the return to the very sources of the dance, universal premises of the act of love of the animal world, then birds invade us to strip us of our clothes of civilized men while a heart on the scale of the world starts to beat in a chaotic rhythm. But our birds have gone back in time and now scream like antediluvian monsters in their caves. Then irritating crickets sing as if our nerves could be heard, finally the great cry of love distorts the sounds as it twists the senses and so ends this esoteric poem which opens the doors to the mystery of man's immortality".

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