Lucas Gomes/Michel Limma/Pedro Ito/Thiago Alves/Vinicius Chagas - Importante BR 2023 1st press M/NM

Great Brazilian contemporary jazz. The title track, "Música Espontânea Brasileira", calls first Charlie Parker, avant-garde pioneers and the best of 1960s Blue Note productions. In the middle of the piece, silence imposes itself, literally, before a dark piano, in a Mal Waldron-style, glides to the end, accompanied by quiet drums and the musicians' lusitano voices in a kind of spoken word that one imagines to be studio conversations. Very high art. "Árrudá", on B-side, begins with the same piano chords that concluded A-side. The climate is both heavy and terribly airy. We're then lulled along by a trumpet, reminiscent of Freddie Hubbard, Lester Bowie and sometimes the Great Miles. It's like being in a film noir. It's fantastic. The record is (very well) recorded and plays at 45 rpm for a better sound transcription! Must hear! Still in shrink. Listened once.

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