William Sheller - Lux Aeterna - CBS FR 1972 1st press VG+/VG+

Sheller has a unique way of marrying the atmosphere of our churches with the canons of the psychedelic pop of the time. The recipe is simple without being simplistic: symphony of strings, reeds, small electronic effects, choirs worthy of Notre-Dame, wah-wah guitar, heady voices seeding the faithful from one auditory channel to another, breaks cut with the pruning shears and fleshy basses. The whole sublimely tied up in the manner of a Jean-Claude Vannier, a Karl-Heinz Schäfer or an Alain Goraguer of the same time, the golden age of the arrangers. By the way, for those who didn't know it yet, it's the track "Introit" that serves as the basis for the classic anticipation "3030" by hip hop group Deltron 3030. Lux Aeterna is a sensory and musical experience like no other. William Sheller has the art of hyperbole, of triumphant grandiloquence. Listened to at full power, there is something supernatural about this music. In all partiality, it is a killer, listen to it, share it!

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